ATEM Mini Stand v1.1 3D Print STL File

Aaron Parecki
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NOTE: This is the STL file for the v1.1 version of the stand. We are not selling the PK1 MKII version of the stand as STL files. If you would like the MKII stand, you can find it from a local reseller here:

The stand can be printed on a Prusa Mini printer in two batches. The top bar and bottom support brackets will need to sit diagonally on the print bed in order to fit. 

Here's how the 5 pieces fit together.

Recommended Print Settings

This fits in two batches on my 7"x7" print bed of the Prusa Mini+. You might be able to fit all the parts on a single print bed if yours is larger. Here's how the two batches fit best on my Prusa Mini+ bed.

The side brackets lay sideways with the outside edges with the screw holes laying on the bed. The top bar sits with what will be the front face laying flat, so the whole thing will be tilted slightly.

The two bottom bars fit diagonally across the print bed. These turn out stronger if you print them laying on the short side.

Pretty much all the print settings are the defaults for Prusament PLA or PETG. I've printed this with both Prusament PLA and PETG and both turn out equally strong.

Print settings:
• Infill: 15%
• Layer height: 0.15mm 
• First layer height: 0.2mm
• No supports needed

(There may be slight differences in the STL file compared to the purchased stand as the STL is optimized for printing on home 3D printers.)

April 14, 2021 Update:

The design has been updated with some minor changes to the side parts to make the nut holes easier to access. The side SmallRig 1091 cheese bar now attaches with two internal M5 screws instead of the external M4 screws. There are also additional holes on the back side to attach future accessories such as rear feet to keep the stand from tilting back, as well as future attachments. Everyone who purchased the STL previously has received an email with the new files as well as designs for rear support feet. Purchases from this date forward will include only the new design and the rear feet.

Note: Purchasing this file gives you a license to print the stand for your own use. You're welcome to print more than one copy, and you can even print it for people you know. This license does not allow you to sell copies of the stand. We are no longer looking for new manufacturers of the completed stand. You can find our current retailers and manufacturers here.

  • You'll get the .stl file to print your own stand

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  • You'll get the .stl file to print your own stand
  • Size343 KB


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ATEM Mini Stand v1.1 3D Print STL File

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